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Congratulations on finishing your musical talent show and earning a badge or two today.

Computer science is a lot like life.

If you are curious, willing to keep trying, and brave enough to try new things you'll have a lot of fun and create some amazing things.

Today, you also learned about parallel processing.

You created several sprites with two block stacks that started running at the same time as the result of an event.

For example, when a user clicked on a sprite their computer ran the blocks that can play the song and the blocks that made the sprite dance.

Now computers are really good at following multiple sets of instructions at the same time without getting confused.

Super computers can perform millions of calculations per second and are even used to predict patterns in huge streams of data.

For example, predicting the weather requires processing data from sensors all over the world that produce more than one million weather related observations each day.

Computer scientists created the code that analyzes all of that data.

In fact, weather forecasting has improved tremendously over the last 20 years thanks to computer science.

After years of planning and development there's a new super computer that's in use in Cheyenne, Wyoming by the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Speaking of cowboys.

And the goal is to provide a huge boost in understanding storm prediction as well as flood and drought behavior as well as other climate issues that affect millions of people across the United States.

One of the most powerful computers in the world.

Called Yellow Stone in honor of Wyoming's iconic national park.

A super computer is a computer that can go through massive calculations like no other computer can and the reason why it is important is because for climate research and for maybe more importantly weather forecast.

[Female Newscaster] Another growth area: hurricane prediction.

Back many years ago three days was a pretty good lead time and now we're routinely at five and we're hoping to be able to push out to seven.

A little bit of knowledge about what mother nature might have in store for us really helps.

Because of computer science weather services have been able to double the warning time for tornadoes and give people 40 extra minutes of warning before a flash flood.

Did you know that there are super computers telling you each day to wear a coat or carry an umbrella?

Computer science is everywhere.

The next time we meet in CS First you're gonna make a DJ mixer and create your own music by mixing sound samples, adding notes, and you can even change the tempo of your samples to customize your dance track.


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