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Music & Sound

outlined_flag Introductory list 8 activities access_time 8-12 hours


Shout Out poster

Gives students a place to engage with classmates and write shout-outs.



Students receive sticker badges as they complete activities.

Special printing instructions: This document is designed to be printed on these label sheets.



Each student receives a passport to record their usernames and passwords, and to keep track of their progress throughout the class.

Special printing instructions: Print this document double-sided then fold each page in half and create a booklet. If possible, staple down the middle.


Certificates of completion

Celebrate your students' hard work using these printable certificates.


Class roster

Use the roster to keep track of students' CS First and Scratch usernames and passwords.


Contingency plan

Contingency plans provide alternative activities that can be completed without a computer. Use these in the event a technical problem prevents the class from running as planned.