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At this point you should have built a story that takes place in a stormy day setting.

In this add-on, you'll broadcast an earthquake, to really shake up your story.

First, you need to find a way to make the earth shake.

Click the earth sprite.

And select the motion menu.

For this earthquake, you'll program the earth to move left and right repeatedly.

To do this you'll need blocks that move the sprite left and right.

And a way to make them repeat that motion.

Drag out two change x by blocks.

X-coordinates represent left and right positions on the screen.

So, if you change the x-position of a sprite, you're moving it left or right.

Also make sure to use the change blocks as the set blocks won't allow you to continually move the sprite.

Click one of these blocks.

Cool, the sprite moved right.

To move the sprite left, change the other block to a negative number.


Now you have a way to move the earth sprite left and right.

Next, program the sprite to perform that action repeatedly.

Click control, and drag out a repeat 10 block.

Put the two change x by blocks inside the repeat 10 block.

Click this blocks deck to try it out.

Oh no, nothing happened.

That's because this code runs so fast that you can't see what it does.

To fix this, add two wait blocks to your code to make the program pause after each left and right movement of the earth sprite.

Try it out.

Well you can see it moving now but it's way too slow.

Make it faster by shortening the wait times.


How about making it a little longer though?

Try repeating it with something like 30 times.


That looks like a good earthquake.

Tinker with these numbers until you have an earthquake that you like.

Finally, you need an event to tell the computer when to run this code.

If you want the earthquake to happen in the middle of your story you'll need to broadcast an event to make that happen.

Click the stage, drag out a broadcast block and place it in a spot in your story where you'd like the earthquake to happen.

Change the message name to earthquake.

Click back to the earth sprite and add a when I receive earthquake event.

Awesome, try it out.

Consider continuing to build your story events around this earthquake.

What might happen after the earth starts shaking.

Now it's your turn.

First, use a change x by block to program the earth to move left and then to move right.

Second, use a repeat 10 block and wait block to make the earth appear to shake.

Third, broadcast the earthquake in your story, and use a when I receive event to make sure it happens.

Finally, consider building out your story around this new plot event.

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  1. Choose an Add-On, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  2. Once you finish one Add-On, try another one below the video!