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In this add-on, you will draw and program clouds in the sky to make it look like the boat is moving. To start, draw the clouds. Click “paint new sprite.” Then, click “vector mode” at the bottom of the paint editor. To make clouds, draw a series of overlapping circles. Select the ellipse tool, the fill option, and your preferred cloud color. Then, draw overlapping circles until you have a cloud-like shape. If you make a mistake, click the undo button, then keep drawing!

Once you have one cloud, group all the ellipses into one shape. Click the select tool, then click and drag to select the entire cloud. Then, click the group tool.

Next, copy the cloud. Click the duplicate button, then click and drag a copy from the cloud shape. The paint editor window is the exact size of the stage, so to get the clouds to start and end off the stage, drag each shape so about half of the cloud is off each edge of the paint editor.

Now that you have a cloud sprite, program it to move.

Click the scripts tab, and the motion menu. Set the sprite’s starting position so that it’s off the right side of the stage. Drag out a “go to” block. The right edge of the stage has an x value of 240. To get the sprite to start off the edge of the stage, set the x value of this block to something large, like 500. You might need to tinker with this value again once you’ve got a working program to see what works best.

Next, program the sprite to glide off the left side of the stage. Drag out a “glide” block. The left edge of the stage has a value of negative 240. Set the x value of this block to a large negative number, like negative 500.

Click this stack to try it out. Great! The clouds flew by. Before tinkering with the clouds’ speed, program them to repeat moving. Click control, and add a forever loop. Click the stack to test. Now that you have a loop, tinker with these values while the code is running to get a movement you like. The time value in the “glide” block adjusts the speed, and the x values change the sprites’ starting and ending positions.

To make the clouds appear behind the boat, program the cloud sprite to go to the back of the stage. Click looks, and add a “go back layers” block.

Change the value to 10. Finally, add a “when flag clicked” block to run this code at the start of the program. Click the flag to test. Awesome!

Now, it’s your turn! Click “paint new sprite,” and select “vector mode.” Draw two clouds using the ellipse, group, and duplicate tools. Start the cloud beyond the right edge of the stage with a “go to” block that contains a large x value.

Glide the cloud past the left side of the stage with a “glide” block that has a large negative x value. Complete the animation with “forever,” “go back layers,” and “when flag clicked” blocks.

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