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6. Ausweichspiel Abschluss


The game that you programmed today is based on of a popular internet game called Escapa.

In Escapa, the user controls a sprite with the mouse, and must avoid all other sprites.

You programmed this escape game using the programming language Scratch. In computer science, there are many different programming languages, all of which use the same computer science concepts that you’re learning in this club.

Escapa is programmed using a language called JavaScript, which is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. JavaScript is a text-based language, meaning that the programmer must type out all their code. In high school or college level computer science courses, you will most likely learn how to code in a text-based programming language.

Take a look at what an if statement looks like in JavaScript. To write an if statement in Javascript, you type out the word “if,” followed by the condition in parentheses.

The action goes inside the curly braces.

This is pretty similar to the “if” block in Scratch! That means what you’re creating and learning here might really help you later. When you sign up for a computer science class years from now, you’ll go right to the top of the class and find it pretty familiar, no matter which programming language you will be using--all because of our cool little club here!. In the five days you’ve spent in this club, you’ve learned a lot of important computer science concepts that you’ll run into again and again, no matter what programming languages you decide to learn next.

Use the skills you learned in this club to create more fun things in Scratch on your own. Scratch is a great way to keep a diary or make a scrapbook of things that happen in your life every day. On day 6, you’ll create a launcher game with cloning enemies.

Until next time-- have fun creating and coding. See ya next time!

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