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5. Side-Scroller-Spiel Erweiterungen


Congratulations on coding today’s computer science project, But the fun isn’t over!

Computer scientists often continue to work on projects after the basic programming is in place, to make them more original and interesting. Now, you get the chance to do the same with add-ons. This screencast will explain the add-ons you can choose to customize your project..

Just like in the main screencasts for this project, watch the screencast first to learn how to build the add-on, then try programming it on your own. To get started, simply click on one of the add-on choices after you watch this screencast.

In “Make Your Own Music,” you can create your own music to play in the game.

Make your game longer in “Add Another Cave” by designing and coding more cave sprites.

Up the difficulty level in “No More Gliding” by removing the ability to hold the spacebar.

In “Dangerous Cave Walls,” make the sprite explode if it touches the walls of the cave.

In “Add Another Level,” program the game to speed up every time a player wins.

And finally, add a key that lets the bird dive down to fall faster in “Dive.”

Before you start playing around with these add-ons, though, save a copy of your base project. Computer scientists often save copies of their projects before they tinker with them, to ensure that they can always return to a working version of their code. To save a copy, go to “file” and select “save as a copy.”

Once you have done that, take some time to explore the add-ons that interest you. If you want to continue to create and explore after today’s club is over, you can access Scratch and CS First from any computer that has access to the internet. Have fun creating, customizing, and making this project your own!

Erweiterung auswählen
Das Video mit Musik unterlegen
Eine rhythmische Hintergrundmusik zu eurem Spiel hinzufügen.
Einen Höhlenabschnitt hinzufügen
Eine neue Höhle-Figur mit schwarzen Rändern entwerfen und sie zu eurem Spiel hinzufügen.
Den Schwierigkeitsgrad erhöhen
Den Nutzer immer wieder die Leertaste drücken lassen, um die Figur weiterfliegen zu lassen.
Die Spielfigur explodieren lassen
Die Spielfigur explodieren lassen, wenn sie die Höhlenwände berührt.
Die Figur nach unten fallen lassen.
Die Figur abtauchen lassen, indem ihr sie schnell nach unten fallen lasst.
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  1. Klickt auf eines der Kästchen, um zum Video mit den Erweiterungen zu gelangen.
  2. Wenn ihr fertig seid, geht zurück zur Seite mit den Erweiterungen und probiert eine neue Erweiterung aus!