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6. Interaktive Geschichte Abschluss


In this project, you learned an important computer science concept: conditionals, which you used to make an interactive story. Conditionals are really useful in interactive stories, and they’re used all the time in computer science. Here’s one example from the field of healthcare. This video shows a phone app that helps people in poorer countries find healthcare access. Users enter information and the app uses if/else statements to decide what health care services people need, and how those services can be provided to them. If/else allows healthcare workers to respond specifically to the needs of individuals. A healthcare app wouldn’t be useful if it recommended the same treatment to every user. The app can also forward information along to healthcare workers. If the worker knows that someone doesn’t have access to clean water, they have a better idea of what sorts of problems that person might have.

All computer programs are made with the same building blocks you’re learning in this club. You can help save the world with code! Be sure to thank your Gurus and hosts! They make this stupendous CS First experience possible. Next club, you will build a story starring you. You will use everything you’ve learned from other days of the club to tell your own story. And again, until next time, go forth, and tell your story!

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