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5. Die Kulisse in eine Geschichte verpacken


Using the stormy day setting you created, you can now create your own unique story.

The setting of a story provides a place for the plot to unfold and for the characters to speak and act. Consider what might happen on this empty hill in the middle of a storm. What kind of characters would be out in this storm? Why are they there? Are they lost and trying to get home? Maybe they’re running away from something, so they don’t have any option but to be out in the rain. Are they happy? Sad? Angry? Afraid? Has something bad happened, or is something bad about to happen?

Build your story by adding sprites and dialogue. When you add a sprite, it appears in front of the rain sprite. It looks like the rain isn’t touching the new sprite.To fix that, click on the rain sprite. Drag out a “go to front” block from the Looks menu, and place it under the “when flag clicked” block. This will put the rain sprite in front of all the other sprites when you run the program.. Great!

Now’s your chance to tell a story in the stormy setting!

Once you’ve built a story you’re happy with, move on to the add-ons. The add-on videos will introduce some interesting coding concepts that you can use to customize your project!

Take a moment to look at some brief examples of stories that take place in this setting!

Remember how you created dialogue in day two. Use any blocks you’ve already learned about, and try exploring with new blocks to tell a unique and creative story.

Sharing your project in Scratch makes it possible for other users to experience and enjoy it.

But, they might not understand it or see the awesome coding you built if you don’t explain how your project works. Write instructions on the project page for the Scratch community.

Tell them which keys to press and anything else they need to know.

Now it’s your turn! Add a “go to front” block to the rain sprite, then build your story in the stormy setting!

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  1. Denkt euch eine Geschichte aus, die an diesem regnerischen Schauplatz spielt.