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6. Der ultimative Modedesigner Abschluss


Today you built a stylist tool using the computer science concept, "events."

Events allow you, and all computer scientists, to trigger code. The code you wrote today told the computer to shrink the accessory when the down arrow key was pressed.

Today, you built a tool that allows a stylist to envision how an outfit or room would look with different colors, accessories, and accessory placements.

Take a look at these clips of a fashion computer program that combines the appearance of a person in real time with virtual clothing options.

Male talking: So what we do is we take one of these trackers, and this is all we need.

So then, turn to the camera, get the marker in view, and boom! A watch appears.

And we've added a few little extras here - some nice texturing on the leather, and to make it look more realistic, some nice reflections on the actual watch face. Additionally, we've added a bit of shadow here around the watch just to make it feel as though it's rooted more in the scene and it's more on your wrist. So you can go through, and you can select either the colors and finishes for the individual watch, or you can come in and select different watches from the range.

Computer scientists often build tools to help people visualize things in new ways. For example, 3D printers can take an artist’s designs to produce 3-dimensional, tangible objects.

3D printers can build objects made of rubber, plastic, metal, or other materials. This process is perfect for building a sample, or prototype, of an idea or invention. 3-D printers are also being used to build personalized devices like prosthetic limbs.

A stylist tool can help people visualize accessories. A 3-D printer can help people visualize physical objects. Both of these things are programmed with code.

Remember, you can log in to the CS First and Scratch websites from any computer with an internet connection, and continue to create Scratch projects for fun or for school assignments.

For example, you could ask your teacher if you can create a Scratch presentation instead of writing a report, like this past CS First club member did on dinosaurs! Enjoy your new computer science skills. Until next time, have fun creating and coding!

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