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2. Figuren für die Umfrage auswählen


In this video, you'll decide what you want to compare as part of your market research.

At the end of club today, your fellow members will take your fashion poll so you can learn about their preferences. Add four sprites that other club members will vote to express their preferences. You can build a project like the one you see here by choosing sprites from the library. You may need to use the shrink tool to make the sprite small enough to fit on the stage. You can also use images from the CS First library. To do this, download an image from the "images" link or copy it to your backpack from the "Additional Images Project" link next to this video. To learn how to add images to your Scratch project, watch the "Upload Images" video by clicking on its link.

Now, it's your turn. Add four sprites to your project.

Spend only a few minutes choosing your sprites so you leave enough time to create the fashion poll.

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  1. Füge deinem Projekt vier Figuren hinzu.
  2. Falls notwendig, verkleinere die Figur, damit sie klein genug ist, um auf die Bühne zu passen.