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2. Eine modische Innovation programmieren


In this video, you'll imagine your fashion innovation and choose a model. The fashion industry uses technology to enhance clothing in all kinds of innovative ways. Check out this clip about fashion and technology.

In the future, clothing will be fully responsive to our bodies. When my body is getting warm, the clothing cools it down.When I'm cold, it warms it up. As it shifts from day to night, my clothes may illuminate. The building blocks of all these innovations are having an understanding of code. I meet a lot of people who are starting fashion companies, and they'll be like "Oh I need somebody to build my website." And I always respond, "Why don't you learn to build it yourself?" Generally the answer is, "Oh, I'm not good at code. Or, I'm not good at math." You know? "I'm not good at all of these things." and it's not really a question of what you're good or bad at. It's a question of what you want to learn. I firmly believe that if you get involved with code now, you'll be able to help build the future of the fashion industry.

The starter project includes code in the "lens" sprite. When the flag is clicked, the "lens" sprite moves in front of the other sprites in the project, and it follows the mouse pointer forever. Try it out. Next, choose a sprite to model your fashion innovation. To see the models included in your starter project, click on the "Model" sprite and the costumes tab. What innovations can you imagine for the outfits that the models are wearing? Maybe you see a scarf that records your homework assignments, shoes that download dance moves from the internet, or a dress that changes color based on the clothing around it so that it never clashes. There’s no limit to the kind of fashion innovation you could create. In the real world, designers combine fashion and technology all the time. For example, fashion designers create luminous fabric with fiber optic lights, add LED lights to clothing that display digital text and play sounds, make clothing that changes its length and appearance based on the weather, and even create accessories that record health information about the exercise habits of the wearer. How could you use technology to make clothing more appealing and functional?

Consider these questions to spark your creativity: Does the outfit interact with the environment around the person wearing it? Does it change its appearance or functionality?

Does it empower the wearer to do something they could not do without the technology?

Choose a costume for your model that represents your innovation.

Now, it's your turn! Click on the model sprite and the costumes tab. Choose the costume you will use for your fashion innovation.

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Klickt auf die Model-Figur und den Tab Kostüme, um ein Kostüm für eure Modeinnovation auszuwählen.