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1. Eine Figur für dein Schaufenster hinzufügen


Hey and welcome to day 6 of CS First Fashion and Design! Today you’ll build an interactive store window as you learn about objects. In Scratch, an object is called a “sprite.”

As an object, each sprite has different attributes you can modify, including things like its size and color. You can create multiple copies of an object using code, and each copy will have the same attributes as the original. For example, if you copy a sprite that says, “stop repeating everything that I say,” its copy will say the same phrase.

In Scratch, the process of copying objects is known as “cloning.”

Today, you will design your own storefront window using cloned objects, or sprites. Check out these examples: Designers create storefront window displays to grab the attention of people walking by.

These displays use color, movement, and other effects manipulated by code.

Many storefront displays are quite sophisticated in their use of technology. Some use eye-catching video content, while others incorporate interactive features that allow shoppers to change the contents of the window. Some interactive displays project images on the ground that react when shoppers walk across them. When you design your interactive store display, you will clone Scratch objects to fill your shop window. In this example, the window display fills with hippos that vary in size and fly at different angles.

After you finish watching this video, click the “Window Shopper Starter Project" link.

Sign in to Scratch with your username and password, and click the Remix button. Then, add a new sprite to your project. This sprite will move across your window display, so choose something that would grab the eye of potential customers walking by.

Take a moment now to make sure you are signed in to the cs-first website using the username and password from your passport. If you are *not* signed in, you won’t receive a digital badge for completing this activity, so be sure to sign in!

Now, it's your turn! Click the Window Shopper Starter Project link next to this video. Sign in to Scratch.

Click the remix button. Add a sprite from the sprite library.

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  1. Öffnet das Startprojekt.
  2. Meldet euch bei Scratch an.
  3. Remixt das Projekt.
  4. Fügt eine Figur aus der Figurenbibliothek hinzu.