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Congratulations on coding your high seas adventure.

Below this video are add-ons which you can use to learn cool, new computer science concepts and add features to your story.

In Sea Sounds, add sound effects and music to build excitement in your story.

In Sink the Ship, program the ship to move to the bottom of the ocean.

In Gamify, program the characters in your story to enable the audience to control them with the keyboard.

To watch an add-on, just click the watch button.

Choose an Add-On

Sea Sounds

Add sound effects to your story.

Sun Ray Animation

Draw and animate a sun sprite.

Sink the Ship

Program a sinking ship in your story.

Second Scene

Program a Second Scene for your Story.


Draw and program clouds that move.


Program one or more sprites to move when keys on the keyboard are pressed.


  1. Choose an Add-On, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  2. Once you finish one Add-On, try another one below the video!