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Hey, and welcome to Google CS First.

I'm Taylor.

In this activity you'll create an adventure story with two characters that takes place on the high seas.

I'll introduce the programming language Scratch, and guide you through programming the setting.

Then you'll create your own animated story.

This is an activity for the Google Computer Science Club CS First.

Computer science uses computers to make amazing projects, also called programs, that allow people to play, entertain themselves and others, solve problems, do work, and save time.

Computer science, or CS, is a subject you can study in school, and it's also a career.

CS teaches skills and ways of thinking that we'll use in many different ways throughout your life.

Take a look at some of the ways you and other computer scientists can use computer science.

In school you can use computer science to create interactive presentations and games.

Instead of writing a paper for a project, you could create a computer program.

In the fashion industry people like Maddy Maxey use technology and coding to create innovative pieces of clothing.

In sports, companies use computer science to make better products and to improve athletes' performance.

Journalists use computer science to create breathtaking visualizations of data.

Modern day music production would be almost impossible without the help of computer science and programming.

You can even use computer science to entertain yourself and your friends by creating a game or a silly animation.

In today's activity you'll tell your own story while learning how to sequence code.

You'll also learn to use the computer science concepts loops and events.

To do this you'll watch a series of videos, then follow the instructions to make your own story.

The next video will show you how to open the Scratch website and sign in.

Then the following videos will explain how to build a story's setting and dialogue.

Once you finish the core videos for this project, you'll arrive at a page with optional add-on videos.

The add-ons will show you a bunch of cool and unique ways to customize your project with code.

To get started, click the green arrow below this video to move onto the next video, where you'll learn how to open Scratch and create an account.


Watch this video to learn about CS First and the project you'll build today. Then click the green arrow to move on to the next video.
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