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1. Animate a Name


OLGA: Hi, my name is Olga and I work in Google’s Computer Science Education department.

FIONA: and, I’m Fiona -- I teach CS First classes and I’m a teen leader with 4-H, America’s largest youth organization where kids learn by doing.

OLGA: In this activity, you’ll use code to...


OLGA: Computer science uses code to give computers instructions, which is super cool because you can create anything you can imagine.

FIONA: Computer science is a subject you can study in school and it's also a career or something you can do just for fun.

OLGA: You could use Computer Science to protect the environment, make music, launch rocket ships, save lives, and so much more!

FIONA: Today, you’ll use computer science concepts like sequencing, events, and loops to animate a name.

OLGA: To start, choose a word to animate.

You could choose your name, a pet’s name, an animal, a sport, a place or anything you like.

FIONA: Your animation can express the emotion or personality of the word, tell a story, or just dance and be silly!

TOGETHER: It’s all up to you!

You will create your project using the Scratch website.

After watching this video, open the starter project on this page. This will open Scratch in a new tab.

Scratch uses code blocks to give characters, called sprites, instructions, like “When a sprite is clicked, change colors.”

After opening Scratch, title your project with the word you're going to animate.

Then, return to this tab and choose videos to learn how to add and animate more sprites.

You might find it helpful to pause a video, return to the Scratch tab, and complete a step in your project.

Or, resize your windows to view Scratch and a video at the same time.

Olga: Fiona, what did you make for your project?

Fiona: I wrote the name of my 4-H club!

Olga: Wow!

Well, I made a project about my home country Colombia!

Now, it’s your turn: Open Scratch in a new tab.

Title your project with the name you’re going to animate.

Return to this tab, and select a video.

Watch the video, and complete the steps in your project.

Then, watch more videos to complete your animation.

It's time to get creative - it's time to get coding!

Choose an Add-On
Change Color
Change the color of a letter when it’s clicked.
Grow and Shrink
Change the size of a sprite when it’s clicked and add a sound to match the animation.
Draw a Letter
Draw your own letter and make it move.
Add a letter and rotate it when it’s clicked.
Move the sprite up and down and add a sound as it bounces
Create and change to different costumes.
Bounce Everywhere
Move the sprite all around the stage, then make it return to a specific point.
New Backdrop
Switch to a different backdrop by clicking the letter or sprite.
Say Something
Make the letters talk to each other when the green flag is clicked.
Sprite Dance
Make a sprite dance when the sprite is clicked.
Add Background Music
When you click a sprite, play a song and change the background
Play a Beat
Play a drum beat when the sprite is clicked.
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  1. Watch the introduction video.
  2. Open the Starter Project below.
  3. Return to this page and watch more videos to customize your project.