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Welcome to the Hangout Activity.

Before you get started in Scratch today, here is some inspiration from students' animator, Bruna Berford, at the Academy of Art University.

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This video uses stop-motion animation, which requires moving an object a tiny amount, taking a picture, and repeating that process over and over again.

All these pictures together, create the illusion that the object is moving.

Some students have even created their own stop-motion animation using Scratch.

Today, you'll use a similar technique to animate two characters using functions.

Stop-motion animation uses photos, but your animation will use vector graphics.

You'll animate the characters emotions to show how they are feeling as they carry on their conversation.

To start, open the starter project linked next to this video.

Sign in.

Click remix.

Then, go to the next video to start building.

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  1. Click the starter project link.
  2. Click remix and sign in.
  • "Stop Motion - Occupation: Animator" by Bruna Berford ( -- Licensed by CC-BY 3.0 ( -- Video trimmed to needed length, audio removed
  • "Snake – Stopmotion Animation" by The24th ( -- Licensed by CC BY-SA 2.0 (