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8. Wrap-up: Hangout


In this activity, you made an awesome conversation that animated your characters' emotions.

Animation studios need computer scientists like you to bring characters and their environments to life.

Take a look at how one computer scientist at Pixar is helping to create magical new worlds using the power of computer science.

My name is Danielle Feinberg.

I am a director of photography for lighting at Pixar Animation Studios.

To me light is everything because if we don't put any lights into our films like all you would get is black.

And depending on the way you put your lights in there it can look crummy and silly, or very computery Or very false.

Or it can look like magic and create a world and bring it to life and and that's the thing for me in lighting that's like my favorite thing And there's a point where you look at it and it goes it's real, like it's a real place that you can visit sort of.

And I that's just like your magic.

As you can see, animators use computer science to tell compelling stories.

They also use computer science to create 3D models in architecture, music, medicine, and science.

Activists create animations to educate the public about issues they care about And companies use animation to give users an interactive experience on their websites.

In the next activity, you'll create a program to animate any word or name that a user inputs.

Until next time, have fun coding and animating!

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