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2. Just For You Introduction



Welcome to Activity 7 of Animation.

In this activity you will build a program that animates a user's name while you learn about the computer science concept: string manipulation.

Strings are lists of characters.

Characters are letters, spaces, and punctuation marks.

When you put characters together, you make words and sentences, which are both strings.

Strings can be changed once they’re created.

This is called string manipulation.

Putting a verb like “play” in past tense by adding an “ed” to the end is an example of string manipulation.

Another example is replacing the W’s in “when what and where” with T’s to make "then, that, and there.”

Some of the earliest computers were invented to break codes.

In World War II, Alan Turing at Bletchley Park built a computer to decode enemy messages sent using the “Enigma” machine.

Today encryption is widely used by governments, banks, and companies to secure and protect data.

In this project, you'll ask a user to input his or her name, which is a string.

Your program will manipulate the string by looping through it, which means using a loop to look at each letter in the string individually.

Then you’ll create a clone for each letter.

To begin, click the Starter Project link next to this video.

This will open Scratch in a new tab.

Click remix, and sign in using the information in your CS First passport.

In the next video, you’ll begin to program your animation!

Now, it's your turn.

Open the starter project Click remix and sign.

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  1. Click the starter project link.
  2. Click remix and sign in.