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Hey and welcome to CS First Animation.

I'm Amy and I will lead you through this club.

In this activity, you'll learn more about computer science and make your very first project in this theme.

CS First Animation is an advanced level, computer science club.

You'll use your grit, creativity, and friends to make awesome projects.

In this club, you will learn about production processes, drawing techniques, and animation effects.

Over the next eight club sessions, you'll discover how people use computer science to solve problems.

You will leave this club with a portfolio of your own programs and a greater understanding of computer science concepts.

Take a look at these projects that you'll build over the next eight club sessions.

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These are just some of the example projects.

You'll customize each project to make it your own.

Click on the green arrow below this page to move on to the next video and learn about the survey.

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