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9. Wrap-up: Monster Feelings


Congratulations on coding your first program in CS First Animation!

This is your final video of the activity.

It will wrap up this activity and preview the next club session.

In this project, you animated a monster's feelings using functions.

Functions allow computer scientists to make robust code simple and easy to read and use.

Computer scientists and animators, like you, have to be creative and innovative.

Members of the Google Doodle team use their creativity every day to build animations that are enjoyed by millions of people all around the world!

Coming up with Google doodle ideas actually comes from all over the place.

It comes from not only the doodlers themselves, which is us, but also comes from other people who work at Google and our users from around the world.

And then we try to find that suggestion and solve that as a creative problem in the most exciting way we can manage to do. We basically just try to celebrate anything that's techy and fun and geeky and artistic.

Many Google doodles are interactive and allow users to create their own music, play games, and draw!

Each year, Google invites students from kindergarten to 12th grade to submit their own doodles.

The winner has his or her doodle featured on the homepage, after it is animated by the Google Doodle team.

They also get a college scholarship and other prizes! How cool is that?

This year, the winning student is Matteo Lopez, from South San Fransisco, California.

Next session, you will create a storyboard with four panels.

The four panels represent the four typical parts of a story: the introduction, rising action, falling action, and conclusion.

While you’re waiting for your fellow club members to finish the wrap-up, take a moment to write a shout-out!

Until then, go and animate your world.

See ya next time.

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