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In the last video, you should have opened the starter project, signed in, and clicked remix.

If you haven't done so, return to the previous video.

In this video you will create the first panel of your story board.

To start, click the stage and select one of the backdrops options to use in your story.

Think about the kind of story you want to tell.

You could tell a story about you and your friends working together to solve a problem.

An adventure that takes a character across the world and galaxy.

A group of friends seeking to stop a super villain from destroying a city.

This example uses the castle backdrop.

Next, choose a main character for your story.

In Scratch, sprite is another word for a character or an object.

You will program sprites to perform various actions.

Click add sprite from library to check out the options.

Make the sprite small enough to fit in the first panel.

In the first panel, program your character to set up the story.

From the looks menu, add say blocks to make the sprites talk.

Type something in the white, rectangular box then click the block to test it.


Add a one flag click block to make the story start when the user clicks the flag.

To set the position of the sprite, drag it to a spot in the first panel and pull out a go to xy block.

To animate the character, switch its costumes.

Click the costumes tab to check whether the sprite has multiple costumes.

If it doesn't, duplicate the costume, and tweak it in the costume editor.

This example uses a repeat loop and move, next costume, and wait blocks to make the character walk.

Try out some of these block to create the first animation of the story.

Make your own character beginning and try to grab the viewer's attention with the first line of the story.

In the next video, you will program the last three panels of the storyboard.

Be creative and have fun.

Now it's your turn.

Choose a backdrop and add a sprite.

Program the sprite to introduce the story.

Make the sprite move in the first panel using other blocks like go to xy, move, next costume, wait, and repeat.


  1. Select a backdrop and starting sprite.
  2. Program the sprite to introduce the story.
  3. Make the sprite move in the first panel.