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6. Wrap-up: Storyboard


Computer scientists help push the limit of what animations are and what they can do.

In “Windy Day,” an animated short by Motorola, artists mixed animation with augmented reality.

To watch the film, users move their mobile device to follow the red hat blowing in the wind.

In doing so, the users could interact with the film.

Mobile devices, combined with headsets like Google Cardboard, can also create virtual realities where users can explore full virtual worlds.

That's pretty cool!

Augmented and virtual reality is made possible with computer science.

Computer scientists program the mobile device to act like a window into the virtual world.

When the user moves the device to the left, it broadcasts a message that tells the the film to also move to the left.

When the user looks right, the film also goes right.

This technology, and the coding behind it, opens up new ways to interact with media.

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Computer scientists support and learn from each other.

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