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3. Combine the Sprites


In this video, you will combine the sprites and make their actions happen at the same time.

Once you combine the actions into a single sprite, you can easily reuse that sprite at the beginning of any project.

Begin by combining the sprite costumes.

Click on the Studio Name sprite.

Drag the costume “Studio Name” into the Studio Logo sprite.

Click on the Studio Logo sprite.

It should now contain two costumes.

With both costumes in the studio logo sprite, you no longer need the 2nd sprite.

Delete the Studio Name sprite.

Test the code to see what happens.

One costume appears, waits for 3 seconds, and disappears.

That is because the code only runs for this single sprite on whichever costume is selected.

Use cloning to make the sprite show both costumes at the same time.

First, drag out two “switch costume” blocks, and place them above the “wait” block.

In the first block, select “Opening Screen” from the dropdown menu, and select “Studio Name” in the second block.

Next create a clone of each costume.

Drag out two “create clone” blocks, and place one after each “switch costume” block.

Click the flag to test it.

Both costumes show, but they don’t hide.

Click the stop sign to make the clones disappear.

Program the clones by dragging out a “when I start as a clone” block.

From the first stack, move just the “wait” block and place it under the new stack.

Drag out a “delete this clone” block, and place it at the bottom of the stack.

Test it out.

The code works in parallel: when the flag is clicked the studio logo sprite shows and switches to the “opening screen” costume.

Then it clones itself.

That clone is programmed to wait 3 seconds and delete itself.

Next, the studio logo sprite changes costume to “Studio Name” and creates a clone.

That clone, like the other one, waits 3 seconds, then deletes itself.

Finally, the studio logo sprite hides.

In the next video, learn how to add motion to your studio logo and make each clone perform a different action.

Now, it’s your turn!

Add the costume from the Studio Name sprite to the “Studio Logo” sprite.

Delete the “studio name” sprite.

Create clones of each costume using “switch costume” and “create clone” blocks.

Program the clones to appear, wait, and disappear using the “when I start as a clone,” “wait” and “delete this clone” blocks.

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  1. Add the costume from the studio name sprite to the studio logo sprite.
  2. Delete the "studio name" sprite.
  3. Create clones of each costume using "switch costume" and "create clone" blocks.
  4. Program the clones to appear, wait, and disappear using the "when I start as a clone," "wait" and "delete this clone" blocks.