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2. Design Studio Logo


In this video, you will design your Studio Logo.

A studio logo is used to give credit to the producers of a media piece. They usually show on screen for just a few seconds. The starter project contains the sprite “Studio Logo” and “Studio Name.” Click on “Studio Logo.” Begin your project by changing this sprite’s costume to a color you like using the “fill with color” tool. When you add this sprite to another project, this costume will cover the first scene like a backdrop.

This example shades the entire canvas with the “fill with color” tool.

Next, design the words for your studio logo. Select the “Studio name” sprite, and change the words to describe your studio using the text tool. Studio logos often use the company name, creators’ names or initials, or words that stand for the studio or its mission.

This example uses the text “CS First.” Adjust the size and color of the lettering.

Don’t spend too much time on this step, so you will have time later to add other features to your logo. Next, animate the sprites to disappear after a few seconds. Select the Studio Logo sprite. First, center the sprite, so it looks like a background. Add a “go to x y” block. Enter the values “0” and “0.” When you click the block, you shouldn’t see any of the white stage.

Use a "wait" block to set the number of seconds your logo will appear on the stage. This example shows the logo for 3 seconds. Then, add a "hide" block to make the logo disappear. Don't forget to test your code often as you work. When you test, you'll notice you need to add a "show" block to make the sprite show at the right time.

Studio logos are usually the first thing you see when you watch a short animation, so add a “when flag clicked” block to the top of the block stack.

Now that the Studio Logo sprite appears, make the other sprite appear as well. Click on the code stack in the Studio Logo sprite, and drag it to the other sprite. Test it out by clicking the flag. Both sprites show for 3 seconds, then hide. If the Studio Name sprite is behind the Studio Logo sprite, click the “go to front” block.

Nice logo! The logo you create will show as the first scene of any project you add it to. But, for it to show on other projects, you would have to move the two parts of the logo separately. In the next video, you will learn how to combine the sprites to make the logo more portable. Now, it’s your turn: Paint the “Opening Screen” costume in the “Studio Logo” sprite so it looks like a background. Use the “Studio Name” sprite to name the studio. Center the studio logo sprite with a “go to x y” block. Use a “wait” block to make both sprites “show” and “hide” at the same time. Add a “when flag clicked” block.

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  1. Paint the "Opening Screen" costume in the "Studio Logo" sprite so it looks like a background.
  2. Use the "Studio Name" sprite to name the studio.
  3. Center the studio logo sprite with a "go to x y" block.
  4. Use a "wait" block to make both sprites "show" and "hide" at the same time.
  5. Add a "when flag clicked" block.