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5. Portable Logo


In this video, you will add more images and animation to your studio logo.

Once you’ve created the conditional statement, it becomes easy to add more clones or designs to your project.

Go to the costumes tab, and create a new costume.

Keep in mind that vector mode makes images easier to edit.

You can add any words or images you like for your logo.

This example adds the text “Studio” and adjusts the size and colors.

Give the costume a descriptive name.

This example uses “Studio.”

Click the scripts tab.

Because you added a new costume, you need to create a new clone.

Add a “switch costume ” block above the “hide” block.

In the dropdown menu, choose the name of your new costume.

Next, add a “create clone” block, and place it under the new “switch costume ” block.

That creates the clone.

Then, program the clone to do something.

Right click on the “if” block, and select duplicate.

Put the new code stack under the first “if” block.

Change the value from “2” to “3.”

Now you can animate the clone of the new costume!

You may have to show the sprite again to do so.

In this example, the new clone starts at the top of the screen and glides to the middle.

Create your own action, then test it out!

Follow these same steps for each costume you make.

Switch the costume, and create a clone.

Duplicate the “if” statement, and change the value in the “equals” block to match the costume.

Nice job!

The “studio logo” clones animate and hide after 4 seconds.

The different parts of the code are included in one sprite which will make it easy to copy your logo to other projects.

There is one last thing to add to the project.

This example shows what happens when the “Studio Logo” is added to another project.

When you add the “studio logo” sprite to a project, the layering of the sprites may not be correct.

The sprites in the other project may appear on top of the Studio Logo.

Fix this by adding a “go to front” block under the “When I start as a clone” block.

This makes the clones go in front of all sprites in your other projects.

Test it!

Looks great.

In your studio logo project, add the same block.

You can now use the backpack to move the Studio Logo sprite to any of your other Scratch projects.

Click the backpack, and drag the studio logo sprite into it.

Navigate to a project where you want to add the Studio Logo.

Open the backpack again, and drag the studio logo into the sprites area.

Replace all of the “when flag clicked” blocks with a “When I receive ‘start program’” block.

Now, it’s your turn.

Create more costumes to clone.

Add “switch costume” and “create clone” blocks.

Duplicate the conditional statement, and change the value to the correct costume number.

Add a “go to front” block.

Add the “Studio Logo” sprite to any other project.

Replace all “when flag clicked” blocks with “ when I receive” blocks.

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  1. Add the costume from the studio name sprite to the "studio logo" sprite.
  2. Delete the "studio name" sprite.
  3. Create clones of each costume using "switch costume" and "create clone" blocks.
  4. Program the clones to appear, wait, and disappear using the "when I start as a clone," "wait" and "delete this clone" blocks.