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1. Studio Logo Introduction


Hey and welcome to Activity 8 of Google CS First Animation.

In this activity, you will build a Studio Logo to use at the start of all of your Scratch projects.

You will learn about the computer science concept: interrupts.

Interrupts are similar to events, but, unlike events, they can stop the code and make a different action happen in the program.

Interrupts either stop code that is running or start code that wouldn’t run otherwise.

In real life, if somebody interrupts a conversation, the person who was talking stops.

If you are eating and the smoke alarm goes off, it interrupts your dinner!

An example of an interrupt in Scratch is, “When the timer is greater than “10,” stop all scripts.

Once the timer reaches the right number, the code will execute, interrupting the program that is running to stop the program.

Roller coasters use emergency stop buttons to interrupt the ride and stop all the movement.

These devices are programmed to override all of the programmed actions of the ride and return their occupants to safety.

In this activity, you will create a logo that will show at the start of all your animation projects.

Many movie studios and production companies use logos to promote their brand and take credit for their work.

Check out these examples.

Scratch users also make studio logos.

This video will show you how to create your own studio logo.

You can then add that logo to your other projects using Scratch’s backpack.

To start, open the starter project.

Click Remix.

Then, return to this page to go to the next video.

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  1. Click the starter project link.
  2. Click remix and sign in.