6. Loops in the World Around You


Today, you created your first animation.

You also learned about an important computer science concept, loops.

Loops aren't just used to build animations.

In fact computer scientists use loops every day in all kinds of projects.

When you set a song to play on repeat on a music player, for example, you are using a loop.

The computer program inside the player uses a loop to tell the song to play over and over again.

At amusement parks, almost every ride was programed by a computer scientist using loops.

For example, this merry-go-round uses loops since it rotates over and over again.

The Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas were also programmed using loops.

Computer scientists wrote code to make the fountains and lights dance to the music, and loops made it easier for them to repeat actions, such as shoot the water upwards.

Every time you see a piece of technology that does something over and over automatically, chances are a computer scientist, like you, made that happen using loops.

Not only did you build your first animation today, you also learned something new about how computer science works in objects you see everyday.

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Next time, you'll learn about art and paintings.

Then you'll use computer science to make them talk.

Until next time, have fun creating and coding.

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  • "Repeat font awesome" by Dave Randy ( -- Licensed by Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported ( -- Image rotated to circle around
  • "Wooden horses, Merry-go-round Carrousel at the EUR Fun Fair, Rome - 2810" by Jorge Royan (,_Merry-go-round_Carrousel_at_the_EUR_Fun_Fair,_Rome_-_2810.jpg) -- Licensed by Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported ( -- Image scaled up, cropping edges