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2. Introduction to Architecture


Hello and welcome to Day 7 of CS First Art! Today, you will create a project, or piece of software, that an architect could use to quickly prototype a building. An architect is a professional building designer. They design structures like houses, bridges, schools, museums, and sports arenas. Architects rely on software built by computer scientists to help them visualize, test, and communicate about their designs.

In architecture, as well as in other forms of art and design, simple shapes combine to make bigger, more complex shapes or structures. Take a look at a few buildings known throughout the world for their architectural design. The White House is made up of triangles and rectangles.

Once complete, today’s project will allow you and others to build interesting buildings using a variety of simple, stamped shapes. You will use a “repeat until” loop to create this project. The “repeat until” loop is similar to a “repeat” loop, except instead of stopping after a specified number of times, it keeps going until a particular condition is true.

Remember, a condition in computer science is something that must be true in order for something else to happen. For example, to get your friend Jo’s attention, you will repeat calling her name until she answers you. Her answering you is the “condition” that must be true, and the something that will happen is that you stop calling. You might call once, or you might call 10 times! How many times depends on the condition. You will repeat calling Jo’s name until she answers.

The art project you see here also uses a “repeat until” loop. It repeats drawing silk weave until the user stops holding the mouse. Today’s project uses repeat until to make a stamp follow the mouse pointer *until* the mouse is clicked.

To start today’s project, remix the starter project by clicking on the link, clicking “remix,” and signing in to Scratch.

Now, it’s your turn: 1) Click on the starter project link.

2) click “remix,” 3) sign in to Scratch.

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  1. Remix the Architecture Starter Project.
  2. Sign in to Scratch.