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9. "Repeat Until" in the World Around You


In today's club, you learned about another type of loop, repeat until.

The tool you built is similar to a computer aided design tool.

Computer aided design tools help architects and other designers imagine their creations on the computer before they build them.

Architects once drew everything by hand.

Computer aided design makes it easier for them to be more precise and to create more accurate drawings more quickly and efficiently.

In addition many computer aided design programs allow users to test the functionality of their design and see how it will preform in specific situations such as a storm or other emergency.

3-D printers have made computer aided design even more powerful.

Architects and engineers can design on a computer, then make a scale model of it using a 3-D printer.

Computer scientists, like you, help make it easier for artists, architects, and engineers to build beautiful, functional buildings and objects for people to enjoy.

Computer science also helps doctors save lives, assists educators as they teach their students, entertains people with games, music recording, movies with interesting animatronics, and much more.

You will have a chance to learn more about computer science in high school courses like AP Computer Science, Computer Science Principles, and Exploring Computer Science.

Many colleges offer computer science courses and computer science majors as well.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, computer science majors had one of the highest starting salaries of all college majors in 2013.

Many computer scientists didn't choose their careers for the money though, they like helping people solve problems with computers.

Now that you know about computer science, you can find ways computer science can help with anything you do in life.

Remember to thank your gurus, and hosts for making this club possible.

Next club, you will create a thank you card for them in Scratch.

Until next time, have fun creating and coding.

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