In this video, you will create a sprite that stamps each pixel.

To do this, you will learn about the starter code, add a stamp block, and add a next costume block to the project.

In order to change each pixel, the scanner sprite needs to check every spot on the screen.

The starter code is programmed with two repeat loops.

One loop moves the scanner sprite from left to right.

This loop is located within the loop that moves it from top to bottom.

This code makes sure the scanner sprite touches every spot on the screen, just like reading a paragraph in a book.

Start from the left, finish the line, go to the next line until the page is finished.

In order to speed up the process, click Edit and select Turbo Mode.

With the program in turbo mode, you may not see the scanner sprite move because it moves so quickly.

To begin changing the color of each pixel, you will need to make the scanner sprite stamp itself while it travels across the Stage.

Start by placing the stamp block within the second repeat loop after the change x by three block.

This allows the scanner sprite program to stamp itself both across and down.

Click on the green flag to test the project.

It works!

The scanner sprite stamps itself.

In the next video, you will use a conditional statement to make the scanner sprite stamp either white or black.

Now it's your turn.

Go to the edit menu and select turbo mode to speed up the scanner sprite.

Make the background red by adding a stamp block.


  1. Turn on "Turbo Mode."
  2. Add a "stamp" block.