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7. Wrap-up: Introduction and Discovery


Congratulations on coding your first program in CS First Art! Today, you began an amazing journey in computer science, but that was just the start. Next club, you’ll build an animation and learn about a computer science concept: loops.

While you’re waiting for your clubmates to finish the wrap-up, take a moment to write a shout-out on your sticky note. You can write a shout-out to anyone to give them some props.

For example, write a shout-out to your Guru for helping you, or to your neighbor for adding something amazing to their project. After writing your shout-out, follow your Guru’s instructions on how to post it to the G+ community board.

Before you leave today’s club, be sure to share your project with the Scratch community.

Write a description, and add some project tags like “art.”

Just because club is over for today doesn’t mean the fun has to end. You can use the sign-in information from your club passport to access your projects from any computer that has an internet connection. Just go to and sign in.

Your projects will be saved under the “my stuff” menu.

Until next time, have fun creating and coding!

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