1. Introduction to Painting


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Hi, this is Sarah.

Welcome to day four of Scratch Art.

Today you will make a colorful, fun, interactive art piece that responds to the mouse pointer, much like a Paint application on a computer.

You will also learn about an important computer science concept: variables.

Variables are elements that store a value or keep track of things.

For example, variables can keep track of time or hold a game's high score.

In Scratch, variables have an oval shape.

For example, X position, or timer.

Scratch also lets you make your own variables.

In math class, you often see variables labeled as letters of the alphabet, like X, Y, or M.

In computer science, variables are named for what they represent, like high score, lives remaining, or race car speed.

Although variables usually store number values, they can also store attributes or text.

If you ever designed or named a character in a game, then you used a variable.

Every time another character refers to you, they use the name, or variable, that you input.

In this example, each character attribute is a variable.

Each variable has a name, like gender, and stores a value, like female.

In today's project, you will use a variable to adjust how quickly the sprite moves while it changes colors and stamps.

Now it's your turn.

Open the starter project, then sign in.

Click remix.


Open the starter project.
  • Dragon Quest IX Creating a Party at the Quester's Rest [12] by darkmurkrow ( licensed under CC-BY 3.0 (