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Teachers! Start here to get ready for an Hour of Code™

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    Create a CS First Account.

    Before you begin, create an account so that students can save their work and you can track their progress.

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    Prep (a little).

    Like every CS First activity, Code your Hero comes with step-by-step instructions so you can be successful and have a fun Hour of Code™!

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    Now it's time to introduce your students to CS First. Have them sign-in with the class code and start watching the activity videos to begin!

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    Show off the work!

    Post a picture of your students' Scratch project(s) on Twitter using #CSFirst and #codeyourhero for a chance to be featured by Google! Include a caption describing "the best part about teaching CS First for Hour of Code™."

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Code Your Hero

outlined_flag Introductory list 2 activities access_time 1-2 hours


Students will choose an everyday hero from their own life and build a story or game using code that gives their hero superpowers.


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Activities access_time 45-90 mins each

Code Your Hero

Learn about computer science and Scratch, and turn an everyday hero into a superhero.

Codifica a tu héroe

Aprenda sobre informática y Scratch, y convierte a un héroe cotidiano en un superhéroe.