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Hey everyone, I'm Olga, I'm a proud Latina Googler and I work in our computer science education department.

In this activity (fanfare)

you're going to make your own Google logo.

Happy Earth Day.

Happy Earth Day.

♪ Happy Earth Day to you ♪ Google often creates special logos called Google Doodles to celebrate important things like people, places, holidays and events like Earth Day.

People all over the world observe Earth Day on April 22nd.

Earth Day is a time to celebrate the natural world and focus on ways to protect it.

Organizations like the World Wildlife Fund protect the planet's animals and natural environment.

Plus they use computer science and technology to do it.

Individuals like you can take steps to protect animals, reduce waste and make others aware of ways to preserve the natural world.

The skills you will use in this activity are similar to what environmental organizations, like the World Wildlife Fund, use in their efforts.

For example, sensors created by computer scientists are used to watch over animals and their habitats.

Today you will code a logo about celebrating, yay!

And protecting the environment.


You might create an Earth Day logo that celebrates animals in their natural habitats, raises awareness of how waste and pollution impact the planet or encourages people to use alternative energy sources like wind and solar powered technologies.

The best part is that it's all up to you.

As you code you will use computer science concepts that are used every day like events, sequencing and loops.

You'll make your logo using the Scratch website.

After watching this video open the starter project linked on this page, this will open Scratch in a new tab.

Scratch uses code blocks to give characters called sprites instructions.

Like when a sprite is clicked make it say something about itself.

This project has six sprites you can program.

Each sprite has multiple costumes you can choose from.

Some sprites are animals like the panda, sea turtle and monarch butterfly caterpillar.

Other sprites encourage sustainability which is living in balance with the natural world.

After opening your project return to this tab to watch videos that will show you different ways to code your Earth Day logo.

Like how to make a letter bounce, speak or disappear.

It's all up to you and watch as many videos as you like.

And here's a helpful trick, while you work, pause a video to complete a step in your project or better yet, rearrange your windows to show Scratch and a video at the same time.

Now it's your turn.

Select and open the starter project.

Return to this tab and select a video below.

Watch the video and complete the steps in your project.

Then watch more videos to customize your Earth Day project.

Time to get coding.

(soft playful music)

Choose an Add-On

Say Something

Tell a story with talking letters.

Add Backdrop

Add an image or new landscape behind the logo.

Change Color

Create an interactive logo by changing letter colors when a key is pressed.

Bouncing Sprites

Animate your letters to make them bounce.

Change Scene

Add a button that changes the scene behind your logo.

Disappearing Sprites

Make a letter disappear.

Switch Costume

Change the style of a letter each time it's clicked.


  1. Watch the introduction video.
  2. Open the Starter Project below.
  3. Return to this page and watch more videos to customize your Earth Day logo.
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