Hi, I’m Olga.

I’m a proud Latina Googler and I work in our computer science education department.

In this activity, you will program and design a Google logo.

Google often creates special logos, called Google Doodles, to celebrate holidays and important people, places, and events.

There's a core team that creates Google Doodles.

This team is a combination of artists and programmers called “Doodlers.”

In this activity, you will be the artist and programmer for your own special logo.

You might celebrate a real or imagined holiday, like “Ice Cream Day,” or honor the life of a famous person.

You could even highlight your favorite hobbies and interests, like a sport or activity.

As you create, you will learn about computer science concepts Doodlers use every day, like: Events Sequencing And Loops You’ll design and animate your logo using the Scratch website.

After watching this video, select and open the starter project linked on this page.

This will open Scratch in a new tab.

Scratch uses code blocks to give characters, called sprites, instructions, like “When a key is pressed... change colors.”

This project has six sprites you can program.

Each sprite has multiple costumes you can choose from to start your logo.

After opening your project, return to this tab to choose a video that interests you.

Each video will show you a different way to design or program your logo.

For example, you could use the “Say Something” video to create a logo about your favorite planet, favorite song, favorite animal… whatever you want!

Watch as many videos as you like.

While you work, you may want to pause a video to complete a step in your project, or rearrange your windows to show Scratch and a video at the same time.

Also, please keep some ground rules in mind.

While it is okay to use the Google logo for your project, it isn't okay to use it anyplace else or outside this activity.

Please stay positive, friendly, and supportive toward others in the Scratch community.

Keep Scratch a place where people of different backgrounds and interests feel welcome to hang out and create together.

If you’re new to programming, don’t worry!

There’s no right or wrong way to create your logo.

Tinker, experiment, and keep trying until you’re proud of your logo.

Now it’s your turn!

Select and open the starter project.

Return to this tab, and select a video below.

Watch the video, and complete the steps in your project.

Then watch more videos to customize your logo.

Choose an Add-On

Change Color

Create an interactive logo by changing letter colors when a key is pressed.

Say Something

Tell a story with talking letters.

Switch Costume

Change the style of a letter each time it's clicked.

Add Backdrop

Add an image behind the logo.

Edit, Draw or Add Letters

Edit, draw, or add an image to change how a letter looks.

Jumble Letters

Make your letters randomly move across the screen.


Turn your logo into a game where a letter chases the mouse pointer.


Make a letter spin.

Change Scene

Add a button that changes the scene behind your logo.

Dance Whirl

Make your letters whirl to music.

Bouncing Sprites

Animate your letters to make them bounce.

Disappearing Sprites

Play a sound as a letter disappears.


  1. Watch the introduction video.
  2. Open the Starter Project below.
  3. Return to this page and watch more videos to customize your logo.
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