5. Connecting CS First to Google Classroom


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If you’re already using Google Classroom, you can connect CS First with your Google Classroom for a more streamlined experience.

In this video, we’ll cover how connecting with Google Classroom can enhance your teaching experience, how to connect your CS First account with Google Classroom, and how to import a Google Classroom class into CS First.

Great, let’s start by talking about how Google Classroom can enhance your teaching experience.

You can use Google Classroom to manage your classes and roster, create and grade assignments, and collect student work in real time.

Using CS First and Google Classroom together can help you set up accounts quicker, communicate with students easier, and keep assignments organized.

Next, let’s walk through how to connect your CS First account with Google Classroom.

Connecting your accounts takes a few steps.

First, sign in to your CS First account and navigate to your profile.

You must use the same Workspace for Education account you use for Google Classroom to sign into CS First.

Now, find the Google Classroom section on your profile then click ‘Get Started’ to link your accounts.

Now, your accounts are connected!

Finally, let’s go over how to import a Google Classroom class into CS First.

While on your Dashboard click ‘Create class’, choose classes from Google Classroom to import, and click ‘Import’.

It's important to ensure that all of your students have successfully joined your Google Classroom class before importing your class into CS First.

When you import a class from Google Classroom, your students and co-teachers will be automatically invited to your class in CS First.

Students simply need to accept the invitation upon signing in to CS First with their Google Classroom account.

Now, students can share their projects to your Google Classroom through the Scratch for CS First editor.

Keep in mind, in order for you to view their projects in Google Classroom, you need to have - one - added a CS First lesson as an assignment, and - two - given it a due date.

And, as always, you can continue to view and track progress in the CS First dashboard.

Enjoy teaching with CS First!