[music] The Scratch Online Community is a place where your students can connect with other creators and share the great work they've created using Scratch for CS First.

In this video, we'll answer: What is the Scratch Online Community?

How do you use the platform?

And what are the Community Guidelines?

[music] The Scratch Online Community is a moderated platform, separate from Google's CS First program, that helps creators learn and develop confidence.

Within the Community, students can explore a growing collection of public projects, share their work to get feedback, and collaborate with their peers.

There's a project for every student represented in the Scratch Community.

Click on the "Studios" tab to see collections of projects covering everything from art and music to nature and even otters.

Your students can find inspiration in the Scratch Community and tap into their own interests and passions.

For extra creative inspiration, check out the "Ideas" page to try out fun tutorials and starter projects.

[music] Now, let's talk about how to use the platform.

Scratch for CS First does not connect to the Scratch Community.

But you and your students can access the Community by visiting to create an account.

You can use the platform to get ideas for future lesson plans and encourage your students to engage with new types of projects.

[music] [music] Then, visit the Scratch Community platform and click "Create".

Load the saved project to the platform.

[music] [beatboxing crab] Click "Share", and the project will be published to the Community!

Students can also collaborate by "remixing" another student's project.

This allows students to learn how the code of a project was created.

They can also "remix" and put their own spin on an existing project.

Now, let's talk through what the Community Guidelines are.

Take note of these to help keep the Scratch Community a welcome, supporting, and creative space for your students.

Members of the community are encouraged to: Be safe and keep personal information private.

Keep the community friendly.

Embrace remix culture.

Give helpful feedback.

Respect others.

Have fun exploring the world within the Scratch Community. Scratch on!