You’re on your way with CS First. Great!

Let’s keep going.

Now, you can start your first class.

In this video, we’ll cover: how to create a teacher account, how to set up a class, and how to choose a lesson.

[music] On the CS First website, click "sign in" and select "I’m a teacher".

Enter the email account you would like to use and set up your class.

Complete your profile information.

[music] Add the name that you want your students to call you.

Remember, you can go back into your teacher dashboard to change this information later if you need to.

You’ve created your teacher account! Congratulations!

Welcome to the CS First dashboard -- you can think of this as your home base, your happy place, where all the teaching magic starts.

Here, you’ll see a welcome message and can create your first class.

Let’s get to it!

Click on the “create a class” button -- a few options will pop up to help you customize your class.

Give your class a name and a color, then click "create"!

Now, you can add a lesson.

Click on “add units” — this will take you to the curriculum page, where you can browse the different options.

When you’ve decided on a lesson, select “add to class,” and check off the class you want to add that lesson to.

When students sign in, they’ll be able to see which lessons they’re assigned to as well.

Your dashboard also helps you track your students' progress.

You can see which videos they’ve watched, check on the progress they’ve submitted and review survey results, too.

You can also manage people in your class, like students and co-teachers, mark units completed and add additional units to your class.

Not sure where to start?

Try our curriculum finder to get lesson recommendations tailored to your students’ interests and your teaching needs, too!

We’ll dive into the curriculum more in the next video.

Our #1 tip for choosing a lesson?

Let your students’ interests guide you.

Our lessons are subject specific so you can tap into your students’ passions and help them explore their potential with computer science.

Stay tuned!

Next, we’ll do a deeper dive into the CS First curriculum.