3. What’s inside the CS First curriculum


The CS First curriculum is where lesson planning gets fun.

Here’s a look at how you can easily integrate activities into your class.

In this video, we’ll cover: what’s inside the CS First curriculum, how students can engage with activities, and how the curriculum can become part of your teaching.

[music] Activities are designed to give students the opportunity to pursue their passions through code — whether that’s telling stories, making art, exploring music, or something else.

The materials range from subject, specific one-hour lessons to themed, multi-day units.

Lessons also vary in complexity, ranging from introductory learning to intermediate and advanced so students can feel comfortable with or without prior computer science experience.

[music] Before you assign a unit to your class, you can preview the lessons to try them out yourself.

Let’s dive into the Music & Sound introductory unit, which contains 8 lessons.

In an introductory unit like this, students can channel their love of music to animate virtual dance parties, host musical talent shows, and even create a music video.

You can use these units to help students connect to their culture, explore their creativity, and collaborate with their fellow classmates.

[music] The CS First Curriculum can be used to enhance the teaching of other topics in your classroom.

You can pair computer science learning with themes and lesson plans in other courses you teach like English Language Arts for example.

With activities like Dialogue, Setting, and Characterization, you can help students communicate their story through code while reinforcing and demonstrating their understanding of ELA concepts.

Here’s to planning fun and meaningful lessons with CS First!