[Music] One of the best ways to bring the CS First curriculum to life is by experiencing a class as a student.

In this video you’ll explore a CS First lesson as a student, demo the activity “Create your own Google logo” and reflect on your experience as a student.

Start by opening a new tab in your browser.

Go to

Click the “sign-in” button on the top right.

Select “I’m a student.”

Enter the demo Class Code: 4fh9r.

Click “Yes, join” when asked if “Getting Started” is your class.

Click “Yes” for a CS First username and password.

Write down your username and password, check the box, and then click “Sign in.”

Now, you see the student dashboard.

Click “Create your own Google logo,” the assigned activity for your “Getting Started” class.

Now it’s time to explore CS First as a student.

Pause this video and watch the "Create your own Google logo" activity to start coding and return to this video when you're done.

Congratulations on creating your own Google logo!

Here’s one that I created about my school!

Now that you’ve experienced CS First as a student, we recommend taking some time to reflect on how you would implement this in your classroom.

Think about questions like: What skills would your students gain from an activity like this?

How might you bring this activity into your classroom?

What instructional methods did you notice in the activity?

Reflecting on questions like these helps to create a positive learning experience for any CS First learning environment.

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In this video, you'll experience CS First as a student and learn to code through the "Create your own Google logo" sample activity. 

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