Anthony D. Mays headshot

CS Career Connections

Anthony D. Mays (he/him)

Data Dynamo

Hometown: Compton, CA

How he got his start: Anthony D. Mays first discovered computers and began teaching himself to code as a foster child at age eight. Starting early set him on a path to studying Computer Science in college, and eventually becoming a software engineer.

What he does at Google: Anthony builds software systems for data visualization. The tools he works on help people all over the world turn raw data into easier-to-understand charts and graphs. Just like emojis, data visualization can help communicate a range of complex ideas graphically.

Fun Fact: Anthony uses a keyboard to code, of course, but his other keyboard is for playing music! He especially likes to record and share Animal Crossing cover medleys.


  1. Read about how Anthony D. Mays helps people see data with computers.
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