Emily Henderson

CS Career Connections

Emily Henderson (she/her)

Mapping Maven

Hometown: Portland, OR

Why her work is important: Location is an important part of many of the world’s challenges. People need good maps and data to respond to critical issues like earthquakes, hurricanes, and downed power lines. Emily has worked on issues ranging from traffic jams to COVID-19.

What she does at Google: Emily Henderson makes it easy for students and teachers to use Google’s mapping technologies to learn about the world, write stories about what is important to them, and use data to build a better future.

Why she loves her job: Emily loves to travel and explore the world, so working on Google Earth is a perfect fit!


  1. Read about how Emily Henderson uses mapping to help solve real problems.
  2. Respond to the reflection questions on your activity booklet.
  3. (Optional) Try out more maps using the Scratch activity in the links.
  4. When you're done, click "Next" to start the second activity.