Parisa Tabriz

CS Career Connections

Parisa Tabriz (she/her)

Security Princess

Hometown: Chicago, IL

How she got her start: Parisa Tabriz first started coding in college. After her own website was hacked, she became fascinated with keeping web sites and computer systems secure.

What she does at Google: Parisa finds and fixes security problems to keep people’s data safe, so she is affectionately known as Google’s “Security Princess”. She works on Google Chrome, a web browser that you’ve probably used! She has also worked with people who write TV shows and movies to help them make more accurate and diverse scripts.

Fun Fact: When she’s not hacking, Parisa likes to make things like art, food, or various do-it-yourself projects.


  1. Read about how Parisa Tabriz keeps important data safe with encryption.
  2. Respond to the reflection questions on your activity booklet.
  3. (Optional) Try encrypting and decrypting messages using the Scratch activity in the links.
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