1. Introduction to Dialogue


Welcome everyone!

I’m Brooke.

I’m a Googler from Charlotte, North Carolina and in my free time I mentor high school students that code.

In this video, I’ll give you a quick introduction to learning computer science through CS First.

You can create stories...




and music … pretty much anything you can imagine with computer science.

Computer science uses code.

Code is another way of saying “instructions for the computer.”

There are a lot of ways to write code, but to start out, you’ll use a programming language called Scratch.

In this activity, you’ll use code to create dialogue between characters to tell a story.

Dialogue is when characters talk to each other or to the audience...or even to themselves.

Dialogue can help your audience understand what is happening in your story.

You will get to decide what your characters say to tell your story.

They might exclaim in surprise, ask each other questions, give hints to help the other character guess something, or even disagree.

The dialogue you create between your characters will help the audience understand what your story is about.

Let’s get started!

Move on to the next video to begin coding.


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