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In this add-on, you will point out your favorite parts of the model’s outfit and showcase some cool effects that will make it stand out.

To get started, choose a costume. Click the “lens” sprite, and select the “costumes” tab. Choose the costume you like best, or click “paint new costume” to draw your own. This example uses the “heart” costume but you can use any costume.

To show the costume, click the “scripts” tab, and drag out a “switch costume” block from the “looks” menu. Select the costume from the dropdown menu.

Next, animate the costume in the program. Drag out “change x by” and “change y by” blocks from the motion menu, and snap them together. Click to test them. The heart moves up and to the right! To move the costume in different directions, drag out 2 “pick random” blocks from the “operators” menu, and place them inside the “change by” blocks. Change the *values* in the first blanks to negative 10. When the block stack is clicked, the heart moves all around. Add a “repeat” loop and a “wait’ block to automatically animate the effect. Tinker with the value in the "wait" block.

This example uses 0.1. Try it out. Great. Start the animation when showcasing different pieces of clothing.

Then, add a “create clone of myself” block and a "wait" block below the first “touching color” block. Change the value in the wait block to something small. This example uses 0.2 seconds.

Next, add a “when I start as a clone” block to the top of the “switch costume” block stack. Click the flag to run the program. To make the clones disappear after animating, add a “delete this clone” block to the bottom of the “switch costume” block stack.

Click the flag to test. Nice. Use graphic effects like fisheye and color to really make the special part of the clothing stand out. Add a “change effect” block from the Looks menu, and place it above the “create clone of myself” block.

To showcase other pieces of clothing, right-click the "change effect" block, duplicate it, and attach the new blocks under the other “touching color” blocks. Change the effect to show off different parts of the outfit. Now, its your turn: Pick a costume or draw one your own. Animate the costume using “switch costume,” “change by,” “pick random,” “repeat,” and “wait” blocks.

Create clones of the costume using "create clone of myself," "when I start as a clone," and "wait" blocks. Add graphic effects using the "change effect" block.

Choose an Add-On
Fashion Playlist
Allow the user to choose the music your project plays.
More Models
Select a second model, and allow the user to switch between the two choices.
Add Sound
Add sound that plays each time the user clicks on the model.
Fashion Feature
Draw another feature on your fashion and make your model react when that feature is clicked.
Make an Entrance
Program your model to spin onto the stage.
Special Effects
Create an effect each time the user clicks the outfit.
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  1. Choose an Add-On, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  2. Once you finish one Add-On, try another one below the video!