In today's Google CS First activity, you imagined a fashion innovation and used conditionals, or if then blocks to describe the innovation when your user clicked around your project.

Today you learned a very important computer science concept, conditionals.

One type of conditional is an if then statement.

Conditions run code based on whether or not something is true.

When you play games, use your phone, or search the internet, the computer doesn't just decide something on its own.

Each action a computer performs is based on instructions programmed by a computer scientist.

Take a look at this application created by a group of high school students.

It uses conditionals like if a user clicks help out, then show them a community problem nearby that they can fix.

We are the EPA Chica Squad.

(upbeat music)

We surveyed people and asked them what they thought about the community trash and what they thought about graffiti in the community and most people said that it was a big issue so we wanted to fix that.

So we decided to code an app that would help people get together and clean up their community.

What the user does is they take a picture of a site where there's something that needs to be cleaned up and community members can come clean it up.

Before making Tag It, I thought code was one of the hardest things and you had to go take so many classes to learn it but now I realize that if I push myself, I can learn code and it is not the hardest thing in the world.

(upbeat music)

Coding is not boring, it's not hard, it's actually pretty easy and it's fun to take on the challenge.

I mean we all did it and I'm pretty sure for most of us, our favorite subject isn't math.


It's your favorite?


Through making Tag It, it's opened my eyes to coding and it's just opened my eyes to new things that I could do with my life and it's not something that only certain people can do.

It's something that everyone can do.

In the next session, you'll build a survey to find out your club mates' taste in fashion and program the survey to respond to their votes.

Until next time, have fun creating and coding.

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