In this video, you'll program the Clear Votes button to set all votes back to zero.

Select the Clear Votes sprite that was included in the starter project.

Click the Data menu and drag out the set variable to zero block.

Change the value in the dropdown to match one of your variable names.

If you click the block, you'll see variables value change from the amount of votes registered to zero.

This only reset one value so do the same steps for the other three values, choosing the appropriate variable name for each set block.

Try it out.

When you click the whole stack all variables will be set to zero.

A big part of computer science is persisting through tough problems.

If the first solution you try doesn't work, try again.

Next, connect this block stack to the Clear Votes button by clicking on the Events menu and using a when this sprite clicked event to start the code.

You can read this stack like a sentence now.

When this sprite clicked set Sneakers to zero, set Hightops to zero, set Panda to zero and set Penguin to zero.

Try it out.

When the Clear Votes button is clicked all of the votes are set to zero.


Now it's your turn.

Select the Clear Votes sprite.

Add code to set each of the variables to zero when the button sprite is clicked.

When you're done with this step ask a neighbor to take your fashion poll.

Then click the green arrow to choose some Add-Ons to customize your program.


Set all variables to 0 when the button sprite is clicked.