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In this add on, you'll program your model to sashay when it reaches the middle of the stage.

First you'll need the model to do a little groove.

Click on the model sprite.

The change effect by a block from the looks menu has different effect that will help achieve this.

Drag out this block.

Right now it says change color effect by 25.

Click on the drop down menu to see the different options and select whirl.

Click the block to try it out.

If you keep clicking it, the model changes it's structure to look like it's shrugging or twisting.

Drag out another change effect by a block and select whirl.

For this block, change the value to negative 25.

Click this block.

It reverses the whirl effect.

You want your sprite to whirl little then go back to normal.

Stack both change effect block together and test your code by clicking on the stack.

The code runs so quickly that you can't see it working.

Drag out a wait block from the control menu to fix this.

Place the wait block between block whirl effects.

Now test your code.

When you clock on the block stack, the model twists, waits one second, then goes back to normal.

Tinker with the values in these blocks to get something you like.

In this example, we used positive and negative 50 in the change effect block and used .4 for the wait block.

Now you wanna place a set of code inside the block stack that tells your model to walk on stage.

Place it right after your model, makes it to the middle of the stage which is after the first glide block.

Click the flag to test your code.


Now you have a sashaying model.

Now it's your turn.

Add two change effect blocks and select the whirl effect.

Then add a wait block in between these two blocks.

Add this blocks stack under your first glide block.

For an added challenge, use multiple whirl effect blocks, so your model can dance back and forth.

Choose an Add-On

Theme Music

Add music to your program that will play while your models walk in the fashion show.

Model Sashay

Program your model to sashay when it reaches the middle of the stage.

Customize Wardrobe

Customize the wardrobe of your models.

Balloon Celebration (Challenge)

Program a balloon celebration during your fashion walk.


  1. Choose an Add-On, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  2. Once you finish one Add-On, try another one below the video!
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