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Hey, and welcome to day two of CS First fashion and design.

Today you'll create a fashion show while you learn about an important computer science concept called loops.

A loop, or iteration, repeats a set of instructions over and over.

In Scratch, repeat and forever blocks are types of loops.

Any blocks you place inside a loop will repeat a specified number of times or forever.

Check out this example of a loop in computer science.

iIlluminate lights are attached to dancers' costumes and controlled wirelessly to match the music and choreography.

In the video, the lights on the costumes flash to match the music and movements of the dancers.

Computer code controls the lights using loops.

Today, you will use loops to create a fashion walk project.

In this project, the user will be able to click on a sprite and pick a favorite costume.

Today's project will begin with a starter project.

After watching this video, click the fashion walk starter project link to open Scratch in a new tab.

To save this starter project to your account, enter the sign in information from your club pass.

And click remix.

Now it's your turn.

Click on the fashion walk starter project to open Scratch in a new tab.

Sign in with your username and password foro your club pass.

Once you've done that, come back to this page on the CS First tab and click the green next arrow to move on to the next video.


Open the starter project.
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