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In this add-on, you will customize different accessories using the paint editor. This example will show you a few different ways to edit the headphones costume, but select any costume and editing methods you want for your new accessory.

To start, click on the accessory sprite, then the costumes tab. Choose a costume to work with, right click on it, and select duplicate. Zoom into the paint editor to get a closer look at the sprite and edit the smaller shapes. This example uses the “ungroup” tool to separate the different shapes in the headphones, then the “reshape” tool to make funky edges. Create more points by clicking around the shape of the accessory. The points may show up in awkward places, so drag them to where you want edges or points to go.

This may take some trial and error. Use the “undo” tool to fix something that you don’t like. Fashion designers take many risks with their designs, so be creative, and try something different. If your accessory is symmetrical, like the headphones, you can copy changes from one side of the costume to the other. Click the “duplicate” tool, then click on a shape to copy it.

A blue halo will appear around the shape you’re duplicating. Next, drag the new shape to where it should go. Delete the unedited side of the accessory, and replace it with the newly created one. Rotate the accessory, so it’s facing the correct way. Awesome! You may want to experiment with blended colors.

To do this, use the gradient tool. Click the paint bucket, then select a color you like.

The bottom left of the paint editor shows different gradient options. Test them out.

To choose a color other than white for your second color, click on the white square, then select a new color! Test this combination out.

Great. Change the order of the gradient by clicking on a square color to make it the main color. These small changes will make your project more unique!

When you click the flag to test, you have a new accessory to style on your model.

Now, it’s your turn. Duplicate an accessory, then use the different tools in the paint editor to change it. Use the “ungroup” and “reshape” tools to redesign accessories, and try out the different color gradients to customize them. Take design risks! If you do something you don’t like, use the “undo” button to change it back. Have fun!

Choose an Add-On
Create a new accessory for your project.
Flashy Mouse
Program your stylist tool create a colorful trail as it moves around the screen.
Stylist Game
Make your stylist tool into a game that lets the user race against the timer to style the model.
Animate Model
Program your model to animate when you place an accessory on it.
Stylist Critique
Create a stylist critic and program it to give feedback for the stylist project.
Sound (Challenge)
Add sound to your project.
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